Developing a matching application

MVD Team members
  • David Arias worked on the Back-end and DevOps.
  • Deyber Castañeda was also in charge of the Back-end.
  • Marcos Pimienta performed on the Front-end.
  • Valentina Jaramillo also worked in the Front-end.

Summary Architecture:

Architecture diagram of the flow of data through the app

Technologies used:






Automatic survey sender

Smart Match Algorithm

Survey Status Manager

Technical Challenge

What I learned

Technical take-aways

What I might have done differently?

What did I learn about myself as an engineer?

How did this project inform my engineering path in the future?

About me




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Valentina Jaramillo Ramirez

Valentina Jaramillo Ramirez

EN | SP Software Developer Student at Holberton School in Medellin, Colombia.