The development of a matching application was born from the need to automate the matching of the startups with the mentors in the Techstars program by developing a simple algorithm and a super minimalistic interface to free up time for the staff, and as a result, allow them to focus on activities that add more value to the entrepreneurs.

This challenge came from Techstars, a worldwide network that specializes in connecting corporations, investors, and cities with the world’s most promising startups.

The group of people behind this final product is a multidisciplinary team of developers passionate about technology and challenges…

Mastermind board game

As a representation of the Medellin campus and the only team, we wanted to face this challenge using C language. To remember our first steps in software development at Holberton School. C is fun!

Medellin Campus

Team members:

  • David Arias Fuentes
  • Valentina Jaramilo Ramirez

Do you remember that old game of two players where one wrote down a short sequence of numbers or colors, and the other player had to try and guess it? Well, it was a bit more than that, but the idea might have a ring to it.

What is a Mastermind game?

The old game I’m referring to is the Mastermind game. The…

Hey there! Have you ever wonder what happens when you type or any other web address into your browser? Well, your browser displays the web page! But how it does that?


Let’s make the trip together and try to see what is happening there. First, we press the h into the address bar of the browser.

First, in the Python language, the data takes the form of objects, these objects are a block of memory with values, and a variable is something that references to that piece of memory. The variable stores the address to that object, that is why you can reassign a variable pointing to different types of data.

As we see, everything is an object in Python. Even simple numbers, with values, and supported operations. These objects are classified as immutable or mutable.

id and type

Every object has its own identity that stores its address in memory and has his own type. In order to…

Before starting to describe the major differences between static and dynamic libraries let’s define a library first: A library is a collection of pre-processed functions stored in an object code format in a ready to use form. These libraries work by including them at the top of our code or better known as header files, for example, #include <stdio.h>.

In order to get the concept of a library as a whole is important to understand every part of the cycle of a program:

Firstly a program is written using an editor in the form of a text file, this program…

First of all, a library in C is a collection of pre-compiled functions that have been written and need to be reusable. That allows us to use a certain function into a program just by using at the start of our program a header file that provides declarations for library function calls. As a result, you can write your function once and call it as many times you want.

It’s important to remember that the libraries consist only of object files and the filename of the library always starts with lib, followed by their name y finally ending in two…

Valentina Jaramillo Ramirez

EN | SP Software Developer Student at Holberton School in Medellin, Colombia.

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