The development of a matching application was born from the need to automate the matching of the startups with the mentors in the Techstars program by developing a simple algorithm and a super minimalistic interface to free up time for the staff, and as a result, allow them to focus…

Mastermind board game

As a representation of the Medellin campus and the only team, we wanted to face this challenge using C language. To remember our first steps in software development at Holberton School. C is fun!

Medellin Campus

Team members:

  • David Arias Fuentes
  • Valentina Jaramilo Ramirez

Do you remember that old game of two…

First of all, a library in C is a collection of pre-compiled functions that have been written and need to be reusable. That allows us to use a certain function into a program just by using at the start of our program a header file that provides declarations for library…

Valentina Jaramillo Ramirez

EN | SP Software Developer Student at Holberton School in Medellin, Colombia.

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